A little about Cathy Theys and her business: Yes!

Cathy Theys is a homeschooling (preschool and "regular" school) mother of 3, who loves creating websites! She has degrees from Purdue University in Electrical and Computer Engineering, teaches at the University of Illinois at Chicago on and off in the Computer Science Department, and is very interested in everything Drupal, Educational ... etc. and has started her business to go with her passions. She would love to help you!


Website Services

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  • website set-up and maintenance
  • domain name set-up and email address configuration
  • edits on your existing site
  • custom site

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Portfolio: Websites

Conference Registration and Organization for Families

InHome moved from a Access Database Windows only desktop application to a web-based php and MySQL Drupal site that works on PCs or Macs: We migrated the data from the previous site, moved to a new server, integrated paypal for taking credit cards for conference registration and donations, set up coupon codes, and worked with the BOD and volunteer committees on workflow. They have revision control and change tracking of the content and state transitions in the workflow. Families create their accounts, add family members to their profile, pick classes for each family member, and the site calculates the conference registration fee taking into account various variables including volunteer hours the family is doing or compensation for being a speaker at the conference. Registration is real time, and families know if a class is full or if it has room at the time they register.

Static HTML migration to CMS

La Leche League Alumnae Association: We registered the domain name, set up their contact form, integrated paypal for memberships and donations, and enabled the site to have multiple editors, revision control and change tracking of the content.

Site Set-Up, Membership using Paypal, Multiple Editors with Revision Control

Breastfeeding USA needed a website to launch their new non-profit organization: We registered the domain name, set up their contact form, integrated paypal for memberships and donations, and enabled the site to have multiple editors, revision control and change tracking of the content. We have done training to enable volunteers in the organization to manage their content on their site.

Simple Site with Schedule and Contact Form

Yes! Training and Education applied one of the free skins to give the Edwardsville Region Breastfeeding Task Force the look they wanted on their simple site. They can make text changes themselves and have a spam protected contact form set up to receive messages.

Quick Site with Panels on the Front Page and Inline Editing was put up in 4 hours with domain registration, hosting, image on the frontpage, logo and favicon. It has panels on the front page to place pieces of content, and the site owner can log into the site and see an "edit" link over each piece of content to make changes. They can also have an "edit panel" link on the front page that lets them drag and drop each piece of content to move it to a different location on the front page grid. Google analytics is installed to get information about who is looking at the site and Adwords was set up too. was hidden from anonymous users with a sitewide username and password during development so that only the owner and the developer could see the site. Once it was ready, that protection was removed and ready for google to crawl and the world to see.

E-Commerce For E-Book Site, Integrated Google Analytics

We rescued an e-book site that was under construction. The client was frustrated, having tried for a few months to get the site looking the way they wanted, but small changes would break it. And their e-commerce package they paid for was hard to configure and would not work with their hosting company. We installed Drupal and Ubercart, two free open-source software packages, and got them working on their web host provider. It allows customers to order an e-book, add it to their cart, checkout using a paypal account or credit card via paypal, and after the order is complete, the customer gets an email with a link to download the file they bought, or the customer can login to the site and download the file from their personal profile page. The owner of the site can edit text, track orders, change the product information and price, and more, all using administrative pages on the site itself.

E-Commerce For A Mom's Idea, Integrated Amazon Associate Tools

Yes! Training and Education registered the domain, arranged the hosting, installed, configured and customized the platform, including e-commerce, paypal, and amazon associate tools for the Toy Library site and initialized the content based on documents from the site owner. We trained the owner to add, edit and maintain content on the site, saving the owner money and empowering the owner too.

Member Only Content, Distributed Editing To Multiple People

We installed, configured and customized the platform for, migrated the old static html content to the new content management system. The new site has member only content that is securely hidden and only shown to members logged into their site accounts. is a short video showing how users who are given a role with permission to post content in a certain category can publish on their website without special software and no special technical skills. Yes! regular people can! And shows a different role, one that allows a user to put member only content (called publications on this site), can upload member only files. We also make training videos like this one, to help. We continue to add new features to this site, but the content is updated by the organization staff and members.

Conference Registration, Easy To Add Menu Tabs

Yes! Training and Education also took over maintaining and has installed and configured a new platform for them as their previous site was difficult to update, was almost impossible for them to expand, and had some layout problems they wanted to fix. Now new menus and news items are a breeze, members can join and donate right on the site, and newsletters are sent and archived for members.

Site Set-Up, Owner Able To Make Text Changes Easily

Yes! Training and Education set up a very small website for Northern Illinois Lactation Consultant Association (NILCA) We registered the domain name, set up a contact email to be forwarded to their personal email account, and created simple pages: About, Join, Contact. This short video,, shows how easy it is for site owners to make textual changes to the site.

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